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Securing Dentures: Implants and Mini Implants

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Often patients express concern that their dentures will not stay in place, while eating, talking or even smiling. Denture adhesives work temporarily or not at all. The main problem is that dentures rely on a passive intimate contact with the remaining boney ridges and soft tissue (gums). Depending on the patient’s history and dental experiences, they may not have the understanding of the severe differences that a denture experience really is. One solution may be the surgical placement of dental implants.

Dental Implants are surgically placed in the remaining bone of the patient’s jaws where teeth used to be.  When a patient has a tooth removed their bone remodels or reshapes after the removal and in most cases in a time period of a year shrinks down from its healthy height. The sooner an Implant is placed the height of the bone will stabilize. In most cases patients have lost several teeth throughout their lives and get to a point where they need to transition in to a complete denture either on their upper (Maxillary) arch or lower (Mandibular) arch or both.  At this point the denture patient will experience the reality that dentures are not like natural teeth in many aspects.

The solution is to surgically place dental implant in several areas of the jaw and then place a receptor or attachment anchor inside the denture. The fixed implant in the jaw will then snap into the receptor inside the denture, thus holding the denture in place with a mechanical attachment. Eating, talking, laughing and smiling can now be achieved with a greater feeling of confidence that the patient’s denture will remain in place and not be dislodged causing an embarrassing moment.


This treatment can be done in most cases in the same day for an existing denture wearer.

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