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Early Detection for Oral Cancer: Vizilite Plus

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Our Offices have always conducted an evaluation of Oral Cancer at six month or earlier Recare appointments. A few years back we implemented an early detection test called the Vizilite Plus test, the Vizilite Plus was a great success, it required a rinse with a solution of acetic acid and use of a light/glow stick. Today we have incorporated the ViziLite Pro, handheld light device for early detection of early oral cancer.

Oral Cancer is a deadly cancer if not caught early. Statistically in America one person per hour dies from oral cancer, these rates are increasing annually. Risk factors include: Tobacco products especially smokeless, Alcohol use and other predisposing factors, however 25% of oral cancer victims have had no such risk factors. Human papillomavirus (HPV16/18) is playing a greater role in oral cancers as it can be transmitted person to person.

The Vizilite Pro handheld early detection device is a painless examination. The patient wears protective glasses, the operator activates the light and looks about the oral cavity around the teeth, under and around the tongue, both hard and soft palates (roof of mouth), floor of the mouth and cheeks. Lips and as far back in mouth as the light can reach.

Our offices hope that our patients are free and clear of any cancers. We are pleased to offer this adjunctive examination for a small fee of $20 dollars to all our patients and will continue to look at and implement new technologies into our practices.

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