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Care For Your Lips, Especially During Winter!

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During the Winter the air can be very dry, wind chills and gusts can play havoc on your very delicate lips.  You will need to take care of your lips to prevent dryness and chapping,or severe cracking and bleeding may occur.

Please DO NOT use “Chapstick” the wax based brand will lock the pores in your lips and remove the natural oils, thus drying out your lips. I know that sounds strange, but true. The best is a lip balm that carries an oil base(Carmex), petroleum( Vaseline)or camphor(lip Medex).

Good Brands: Lip Medex, Blistex, Carmex, and Vaseline

These will keep your lips hydrated and soft.

Please do not lick your lips, your own saliva will severely dry out your lips by removing the natural oils from the surface and cause rapid drying and cracking. Young kids in particular will lick their lips and cause severe cracking and bleeding. During cold and flu season, constant nose blowing will have the tissues being dried out by the constant wiping of the lip, thus reapplying a lip moisturizer will be necessary. Also sharing a lip balm can pass germs on so be sure to be safe not to infect eachother.

I hope this information helps!!

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